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Total Smile Makeover

Not everyone is born with a perfect, dazzling smile. Thanks to new techniques, however, striking, beautiful smiles are not just for celebrities anymore…they’re available to everyone.

“As a stylist, I know the BEST accessory is a Dr. Jeff Garner smile!” Joy Cross (full mouth smile makeover)

Especially with Baby Boomers, patients find themselves having accumulated a lifetime of dentistry. Old silver/mercury fillings, metal crowns, stained fillings, broken procelain crowns, or leaking restorations of chipped/cracked teeth create a hodgepodge of dental “junk” over the years, even in patients who see their dental professionals regularly. Over time, changes can occur that end in a bad bite, TMJ pain, bad breath, or sensitive teeth. Often gums have receded and pulled away from the teeth. Old metal edges that were once hidden under the gums are now plainly visible, and all this creates a mess in the patient’s mouth.

One of our patients described it perfectly: “When I had my 1967 Camero restored, I thought it was in decent shape, but I was wrong. As pieces were removed, we found rust. Where we found rust, we found bad paint. Even though the oil had been faithfully changed for 50 years, the car needed a complete restoration. It was worth it in the end though – now I have a car as new as the day I bought it in ’67.  I look at my dental restoration the same way. Now I have healthy teeth and gums, strong teeth I can’t break and a dazzling smile to boot. I could not be happier with the results.  I only wish my Chevy could have been done so quickly — Dr. Garner did my complete smile makeover in just two visits, and that was amazing to me!”

What was once reserved for the Hollywood elite is now available from The Smile Doctor. Improve your appearance, and more importantly, the way you look at yourself–consult Dr. Jeff Garner for a smile makeover.

Dr. Garner is a nationally recognized expert in the field of cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Garner says, “There are virtually no dental imperfections beyond the capabilities of cosmetic dentistry.” From dramatic whitening processes to bonding, veneers, and implants, Dr. Garner can show you an option that will give you the beautiful confident smile you’ve always wanted.