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Other Procedures

In addition to our Full Mouth Reconstruction, we also treat dozens of other common problems that may be keeping you from smiling.  Learn about some of our most popular treatments below:

Tetracycline Stained Teeth

Tetracycline stains develop on permanent teeth while they are still forming under the gum line. During development, the drug becomes calcified in the tooth, generating tetracycline tooth stains. Children are susceptible to tetracycline tooth stains from the time they are in utero until the age of 8. Since teeth start to develop before we’re even born, pregnant women should not take tetracycline to prevent the possibility of the drug affecting the unborn baby’s oral health.

Gray or brown in color, these deep, dark stains either cover the entire tooth or appear as a pattern of horizontal stripes. Because they form during tooth development, tetracycline  stains are embedded in the tooth’s enamel and inner layers. This classifies them as intrinsic stains — discoloration that comes from inside the tooth. Although harmless, tetracycline stains are obvious and permanent, often causing embarrassment for those who suffer from them.  Options include: Bleaching (for very mild cases), Porcelain Veneers (for moderate cases), and Crowns (for severe cases).

Yellow Teeth

Avoiding stained teeth requires brushing, flossing and seeing your dentist regularly. Professional teeth cleanings can help remove minor extrinsic tooth stains. For more stubborn stains or intrinsic stains, professional teeth whitening, micro-abrasion or veneers may be perfect solutions. A consultation is the place to start, since extrinsic and intrinsic tooth stains are treated differently.  We can prepare you by discussing the different types of solutions available.

Teeth Whitening — Most extrinsic tooth stains respond well to professional teeth whitening treatments. Laser teeth whitening is the preferred choice of many patients these days because of its bleaching power and time-saving advantages (treatments take about an hour!). Not everyone can get this laser dentistry procedure; a thorough dental exam and consultation are required. Issues such as tooth decay or gum disease may require treatment prior to teeth whitening. Treatments for patients with dental crowns or porcelain veneers are limited, too. Only certain types of laser teeth whitening treatments are effective on existing dental work.

Over-the-counter teeth whitening systems and dentist-dispensed take-home kits are other options. While over-the-counter systems are generally cost effective, they require daily use for several weeks before results are evident. With professional take-home kits, the bleaching solution is stronger than store-bought kits or whitening strips. You have the added benefit of using the system under your dentist’s supervision.

Spaced Teeth

Whether you love it or hate it, that space between your teeth has a name. A diastema is a gap between two teeth. Many celebrities are famous for their midline diastema, or space between their two upper front teeth. Although some would call their’s a signature trademark, others unfortunately tend to find this gapped look unattractive.

Diastemas are extremely common, especially among children. A diastema is a natural part of a child’s development and may correct on its own. In fact, up to 97 percent of children have diastemas, and that number significantly decreases as children grow and these spaces close up naturally. If a diastema remains after the eruption of adult teeth, it will become permanent and can only be corrected with professional diastema treatment.

Crooked Teeth

If you suffer from crooked teeth, join the crowd! Most people aren’t born with a perfect smile and experience crooked teeth to some degree. But noticeably crooked teeth can be disconcerting, whether they’re putting you at risk for dental problems or just making it hard to look in the mirror. Crooked teeth are a type of malocclusion, or misalignment of teeth, and they are a dental condition that should be taken seriously.

For adults who need a perfect smile fast and cannot wait for months or years for braces, porcelain veneers are hugely popular. Considering that many adult teeth end up being straight after braces, but still unattractive due to wear, chipping, cracking, or thin un-bleachable enamel, veneers allow nearly total correction in just two quick visits. Unlike dental braces, porcelain veneers cover crooked teeth and are also ideal for correcting stained or chipped teeth, gapped teeth, teeth that are too big or too small, and tilted or rotated teeth.  This procedure allows color shade to be manipulated to a desired whiteness.

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