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Q. What is your typical patient profile?

Our smile makeover patients range in age from teenagers to adults in their 80s.  Many of our patients are from the Baby Boomer generation, but we have created smiles for those still in school, applying for their first job, at the height of their career, or enjoying retirement.

Q. What type of dentistry do you enjoy the most?

I enjoy providing my patients with the kind of high quality, natural looking crown and veneer work that was once reserved for the Hollywood crowd.

Q. Should men be as concerned with their appearance as women?

Absolutely! Whether to seek a job promotion or just wanting to look better and feel more confident, men are becoming much more aware of how important it is to have a clean, healthy smile.

Q. When are you too old for cosmetic dentistry?

I created a new smile for an 82 year old woman using porcelain veneers. She joked that her new smile was something she could take with her.

Q. Have you ever created a smile for a Miss America Pageant winner?

Yes, I have! I have created new and brighter smiles for several US pageant winners from Massachusetts to Hawaii.

Q. Why were you featured on Entertainment Tonight?

E.T. learned of my cosmetic work on several pageant delegates. The program was seen by 12 million viewers in 70+ countries!  This recognition has led to patients traveling thousands of miles for special cosmetic procedures.