Smile Transformations

Patricia Malone

Little Rock, Arkansas

Full Mouth Smile Makeover, Exquisite Porcelain Veneers and Crowns


Pat (before treatment)

At age 54, Patricia came to me desiring a dramatic change.   She disclosed that life had been difficult.   She’d been a smoker for over 25 years, in an abusive marriage, and had many years of worry and problems…being neglected, and made to feel undesirable, unwanted and of little value.    All of that was history now.   It was time to move on and become a new Pat!

Instead of looking 64, Patricia desired to have a fresh, more youthful appearance.   Being a Baby Boomer, she’d unfortunately received the antibiotic, tetracycline as a child.  It had permanently darkened her teeth.  Clenching and grinding, plus the years of smoking, had also negatively affected the health of her teeth and their appearance.   Patricia had also been absent from dental care at times, and there were many dental issues that had been placed on the backburner.

Before and After Treatment

Before and After Treatment

After consultation, we concluded that the best course of action was to rebuild, refresh and renew.   Luckily, none of Patricia’s teeth required extraction, so everything was perfected with exquisite crowns and veneers.    Her mouth was completely rehabilitated, and the cosmetic results that followed were simply incredible!

In Their Words

Dr. Garner's dentistry changed my life. I am ever grateful to now smile with confidence and feel good about myself.
Patricia Malone - Domestic Abuse Survivor

Patricia looks at least a decade younger, and her countenance has forever changed.   She is confident, inspired to continue on a healthy path, and excited about her new possibilities.  She looks cute, is happy and moving forward with enthusiasm.   I am excited to be a part of her positive journey.

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