Smile Transformations

Nina Sorensen

Copenhagen, Denmark

Exquisite Porcelain Veneers, Smile Makeover

Nina is a Scandinavian beauty.  She came to me for a smile makeover.  Her desire was to have a gorgeous, supermodel’s smile, yet keep it very real and natural. When she was growing up in Denmark, few teenagers got braces.   So, even though her teeth were healthy, they were gapped and unattractive.


Before and After Treatment

In just two visits spaced a few days apart, I was able to give Nina the smile of her dreams with our exquisite porcelain veneers.   I chose the perfect shade to enhance her gorgeous blue eyes, and I made her teeth white, but not too white.   They are youthful, healthy and very natural…exactly what she wanted.

In Their Words

Dr. Jeff's work has lasted over a decade now and every dentist in Denmark and England, where I've lived, have all said it's the best they have ever seen.
Nina Sorensen - Novozymes Biotechnology

Nina loves her beautiful smile and the results obtained!

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