Smile Transformations

Nancy Campalans

Little Rock, Arkansas

Laser Whitening, Exquisite Porcelain Veneers

Nancy Campalans has made an incredible discovery, and so have her family, friends, and co-workers. The realization is that she has a beautiful smile. “They had never seen my natural teeth because I didn’t smile much,” she said. “I don’t remember smiling as much as I do now.”

70 years old at the time of her treatment, Campalans’s smile had become thin and fragile. Her lower teeth had become so worn down that they were nearly to the nerve. Her teeth had become a patchwork of old fillings, caps, and other previous dental work.

During their consultation visit, Garner told her that after the procedure, she would look 10 years younger, which gave Campalans doubts. She didn’t believe a new smile could make that big a difference, but soon after the procedure, she began getting compliments from friends, and even total strangers. “I didn’t go to him to look younger,” she said. “It just happens when he does his incredible work.”

Nancy Before Treatment

One catalyst to her decision to get a smile makeover was an upcoming conference. She said she wouldn’t have felt as confident with her old smile. Two visits and less than two weeks later, she was able to show her new smile to the rest of the world.

Another benefit she received with her new smile was the ability to enjoy the foods and drinks she had missed out on with her sensitive, brittle teeth. “I ate all the bagels I wanted, drank all the hot coffee and cold orange juice,” she said. “It was wonderful.”

Now Campalans, because of Garner’s artistic talents, can enjoy all that life has to offer not worrying about losing her teeth or being ashamed of her smile. “My new smile looks natural for anyone who didn’t know it was a reconstruction,” she said. “Dr. Garner is a true artist. He’s like the DaVinci of smiles.”

In Their Words

Dr. Garner is a true artist. He’s like the DaVinci of smiles.
Nancy Campalans - Nationally recognized Gerontologist and author

If you’ve got cracked, discolored, or broken teeth, a full smile makeover may be the perfect solution to restore your smile and your confidence.  Like Nancy, you can have healthy and beautiful teeth again!


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