Smile Transformations

Larry Ives

East Arkansas

Extreme Smile Makeover, Full Mouth Reconstruction, Exquisite Porcelain Veneers and Crowns

Larry is a farmer from East Arkansas.  He was 50 years old and in some serious dental trouble when he turned to me for help.    He’d consulted dentists in Memphis, TN, and they’d all suggested that he have all 32 of his teeth pulled, and get a full set of dentures, due to the debilitation and extreme wear.   Larry (and perhaps more importantly, Larry’s gorgeous wife) wanted to keep his teeth if there was any way possible.  A life of wearing dentures and keeping them in glass was not an option.


Before & After Treatment

I examined Larry and found his oral hygiene to be immaculate.    He had no gum disease, and his teeth were not loose.  Unfortunately he’d had been born with extremely soft enamel, and as a child, he’d received high doses of the antibiotic, tetracycline.   He was a clincher and a tooth grinder, so he had prematurely worn his teeth down to the point where he was near nerve exposure and the possibility of requiring many root canals or extractions.  His teeth were very temperature sensitive and uncomfortable.   They were short and yellow and when he smiled, he looked like a much older man who had no teeth.    He also worried that his wife was turned off by his teeth because his smile was ugly.

After consultation, Larry agreed to move forward with a two-visit full-mouth reconstruction and smile makeover.   Larry’s mouth was rebuilt with porcelain crowns, veneers, and even a few hard 10K gold crowns in the far back areas where they wouldn’t be seen (we no longer use gold in my office, but 14 years ago, this was the best choice).

In Their Words

Had I listened to the dentists in Memphis, I'd have lost all my teeth as they wanted to pull them and put me in dentures. Thanks to Dr. Jeff, for over 15 years now, I've kept all my teeth and should for the rest of my life.
Larry Ives - Farmer/Owner Crop Dusting Business

The results:  Larry kept ALL 32 teeth.   His bite was restored and his teeth were returned to their original length and function without root canals, implants or bridges.  Larry went from looking like a “grandpa” to looking like a handsome young man again.  Larry’s wife was very happy, and that made Larry very happy!

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