Smile Transformations

Kay Howell

Little Rock, Arkansas

Full Mouth Smile Makeover, Exquisite Porcelain Veneers and Crowns


Before and After Treatment

Kay is a very attractive senior that came to me desiring a more youthful and healthy smile. Like many retired folks, she’d always gone to a dentist faithfully her entire life, yet time, wear and many different dentists had yielded a mouth full of aged failing hodge-podged dentistry.

Kay wanted a fresh re-do for her teeth so that everything was new, pretty and free from defects. Her natural teeth were also wearing and cracking, and a bit crooked. Kay also felt that her teeth were darker and more yellow than she had in her youth, and bleaching had done little to change them. She wanted a fresh start.

In keeping with Kay’s goals, we restored her teeth making certain that we had a very natural look. Kay wanted whiter teeth, but she did not want a white that was overdone or fake. She wanted all of her new teeth to look “real”, even those in the back.

All of her old restorations were replaced including her old mercury-containing fillings. All new metal-free dentistry was placed for a clean healthy result. When handed the mirror to see her new smile for the first time, she exclaimed, “wow…I look ten years younger, and my smile looks so natural…thank you so much!”

In Their Words

Hardly a day goes by that someone doesn't tell me what a beautiful smile I have... thank you Dr. Garner!
Kay Howell - Interior Designer

Kay now enjoys a fresh look to her face and healthy teeth every day…She has a gorgeous smile!


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