Smile Transformations

Joy Cross

Little Rock, Arkansas

Full Mouth Smile Makeover, Exquisite Porcelain Veneers, and Aesthetic Porcelain/Zirconia Crowns

Joy is a very talented hair stylist and owner of Attitudez Salon.   She understands fashion, facial aesthetics and style and just how important first impressions are.

“I’ve always been a tooth person, says Joy.   The first thing I notice when I meet a person, is their teeth and smile.  I notice teeth even before I notice hair (she says with a laugh).   To me, when I do a fantastic color and cut on a client and they smile with ugly teeth, it just kills the look.    I don’t understand why so many people pay such little attention to their smiles.    It seems crazy to me for a person to have on a $10,000 outfit, work out, wear fabulous jewelry and yet have terrible teeth.

Joy Before & After Treatment

Joy Before & After Treatment

In my salon, I visit with dozens of clients each month.   I see a lot of cosmetic dentistry from various dentists and honestly, most of it doesn’t look so great to me.   Even many movies stars have bad work.   I really dislike fake-white, thick Chiklet teeth that are just unnatural.  The last thing I wanted was to get myself into a situation where I disliked my smile once I had it enhanced.   With hair, it grows out.  With teeth, once it’s done, it’s done, and it’s more permanent.

I moved cautiously with changing my smile.   I wanted to be informed about all the possibilities available.    I’ve personally seen Dr. Jeff’s work for many years and there was no doubt in my mind, who I wanted to fix my teeth when the time came.   As I approached 50, I began to take notice of rapid changes with my teeth and gums.    My hygienist told me that I had healthy gums, but that clenching was causing them to recede.   My teeth were becoming very sensitive to bleaching and they were full of very obvious cracks and fractures.   I knew my teeth were aging me, and it was time to do something."

In Their Words

We have the best right here in Arkansas
Joy Cross - Stylist

"After consultation, Dr. Garner and I decided to do my entire mouth…even the back teeth.   Several times, my general dentist had repaired the flaws at my gum-line where my clenching had exposed roots and created ledges.   Dr. Jeff and I discussed a natural, yet youthful color for my new teeth, and in just two visits, he had my entire mouth (all my teeth) perfected. I couldn’t be more pleased with how beautiful my teeth turned out.   They are gorgeous and very natural.  Every day I get compliments.   I honestly believe that Dr. Garner is one of the most talented dentists on the planet.   Lots of Hollywood actors need to leave L.A. and come to Dr. Jeff for their cosmetic dentistry.    We have the best right here in Arkansas.”

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