Smile Transformations

Jeanne McNeill Johansson

Little Rock, Arkansas

Exquisite Porcelain Veneers

Few people know women's fashion trends like Jeanne, owner of Little Rock's trendy clothing boutique, Scarlet.  Jeanne has been the "go-to" for young women since 2004, and she knows the importance of making a statement.

With that in mind for herself, Jeanne asked me to design her a new, confident, yet very natural new smile. She loves Los Angeles, but she was not in love with that LA look for her own teeth.  You know... the big, fake, white, Chiklets, over-the-top look so often seen on the West Coast!

Trying to get the smile she wanted, while dealing with her busy hectic lifestyle, Jeanne knew that porcelain veneers were what she wanted. Her goals were naturally white, straight teeth and a big, full smile.  She was thrilled to find out that it would only take two visits spaced about one week apart.

In Their Words

Dr. Jeff is a smile designer and truly a gifted artist. I could not be happier with the perfect smile he helped me achieve.
Jeanne McNeill Johansson - Boutique Owner, Scarlet

If your smile does not convey the image that you want, then by all means do something about it. You can have the cutest clothes, best hair, fabulous jewelry and makeup, but if you smile with an unattractive smile, everything else matters little.

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