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Dr. Bill Dorfman

Dr. Dorfman

(left to right) Dr. Jeff Garner, Adam, Sharon
and Keith Morrison of Dateline NBC

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The Deborah Interviews Show is a syndicated daily hour-long television talk show produced and distributed by Robinson Omnimedia & Studios, Inc.  The show’s mission is to encourage viewers to seek God, pursue their purpose and live life to its fullest.  Hosted by Deborah Robinson, this series deals openly and honestly with the trials and triumphs of everyday life.


Deborah is giving interior decorator Sandy Sutton a full body makeover. It will start with a brand new smile from Dr. Jeff Garner.

Eve Morrell, Professional Model
Eve Morrell model

Dante Wesley NFL Super Bowl XXXVIII
Defensive Back Carolina Panthers
Dante Wesley NFL Super Bowl XXXVIII
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