An Interview with
"The Smile Doctor"
copyright logo R Jeff Garner, DDS

Q: What is your typical patient profile?

A: People from all walks of life, especially the "Baby Boomers," want to look younger, longer. Many seniors are also having years of patchwork dentistry redone with modern techniques.

Q: What type of dentistry do you perform the most?

A: I enjoy providing my patients with the kind of high-quality, natural-looking crown and veneer work that was once reserved for the Hollywood crowd.

Q: Should men be as concerned with their appearance as women?

A: Absolutely! Whether to seek a job promotion or just look better to the opposite sex, men are becoming much more aware of how important it is to have a clean healthy smile.

Q: When are you too old for cosmetic dentistry?

A: I created a new smile for an 82-year old woman using porcelain veneers. She joked that her new smile was something she could take with her.

Q: Have you ever created a smile for a Miss America Pageant Winner?

A: Yes, I have. I have created new and brighter smiles for several U.S. pageant winners from Massachusetts to Hawaii.

Q: Why were you featured on "Entertainment Tonight"?

A: E.T. learned of my cosmetic work on several pageant delegates. The program was seen by 12 million viewers in 70+ countries. This recognition has led to patients traveling thousands of miles for special cosmetic procedures.

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