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Can a
  Smile Makeover
    Improve Your
     Self Esteem?

Absolutely!  In todays society, it's easy to become self-concious of our appearance.  Television and movie stars, models and celebrities often remind us of our imperfections, no matter how slight.  This constant comparison can sometimes affect self image and performance in both our personal and professional lives.

Not everyone is born with a perfect, dazzling smile.  Thanks to new techniques, however, striking, beautiful smiles are not just for celebrities anymore...they're available to everyone.

You can take advantage of the same resources used by Hollywood.  Improve your appearance, and more important, the way you look at yourself--consult Dr. Jeff Garner for a smile makeover.

Dr. Garner is a nationally recognized expert in the field of cosmetic dentistry.   Dr. Garner says, "There are virtually no dental imperfections beyond the capabilities of cosmetic dentistry."  From dramatic whitening processes to bonding veneers and implants. Dr. Garner can show you an option that will give you the beautiful confident smile you've always wanted.

After a "smile lift" reconstruction, the result is a brighter and happier expression and a beautiful, more youthful, new appearance.
A careful bonding of selected restorations produced dramatic metal-free results.

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